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Week 1 | Planning it Out

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Throughout this season, our team will be meeting remotely through Microsoft Teams. During Week 1 of our season, we watched FIRST’s kickoff broadcast, and decided we would be participating in the 2021 FRC Game Design Challenge. In this challenge, our team must design, brand, and create visuals for an entire FRC game in 7 weeks. After our decision to participate in this challenge we split up into breakout groups to dissect and discuss the 2021 Season Game Manual. We then regrouped as a full team, and brainstormed potential game themes to use for our challenge. After that, we voted on our theme ideas and decided we would make a game based around the environment. The SuperNURDs had a successful and productive first week giving us a great start to our season!

Our 2021 SuperNURDs

Our 2021 team photo taken on Microsoft Teams.

Special thanks to our sponsor! #Qualcomm #Qualcommforgood


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