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Week 2 | Thinking out Loud

We started off our second week, by creating a Must/Wants list of gameplay and ideas to include within our game. After creating this list, we then brainstormed potential subtopics of our environment theme to base the game on. After brainstorming and voting on the ideas, our team decided we would make a game about natural disaster prevention. We then brainstormed potential gameplay ideas discussing what the robots would actually be doing on the field. After making an idea bank we broke up into two groups and worked to create two cohesive mock game concepts out of the ideas we brainstormed. In these two groups, students thought through Gameplay, Game Narrative, and drafted out models of their game concept’s field. The SuperNURDs had an excellent Week 2 and can't wait to see what Week 3 brings.

Group 2's Field Design Concept

A rough Solidworks sketch of group 2's game concept. This sketch showcases different zones, field element locations, and overall layout of their game.

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