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Week 6 | Pressure Rising

We launched Week 6 beginning work in our Branding/Graphics department. We accomplished this by having our students on the Gameplay/Rules transfer over to this new department. The Gameplay/Rules Department finished their 1 page description of our game, and also began framing out rule descriptions. Our Field Design Department continued working vigorously on our Field’s CAD, finishing our Human Feeder Station, and the Tunnel field elements. We also made great progress on the Helicopter and the Power Line field elements. The CAD team then began working on our Field’s Top Assembly putting in all of our completed field elements and modeling what the field’s walls will look like. The Business team continued working on their Chairman’s essay, and submitted the final draft of our Woodie Flowers Award. Our team wrote and submitted our Dean’s list award as well! The SuperNURDs had an eventful week and are excited to continue next week.

Our Current Field Layout CAD

Our Completed Tunnel Field Element

Special thanks to our sponsor! #Qualcomm#Qualcommforgood


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